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Prints Available

High quality, detailed, black & white, pen & ink giclee prints on heavy-duty acid-free paper.  All prints come with a mat and fit standard frame sizes.
E-Mail to inquire about original artwork availability and pricing.
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Not-Wolf-Productions is the artwork of Robert A. Friedenberg (Bob). He started drawing in college while pursuing his doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics. It’s become a lifelong hobby and now a concentrated passion to record and manipulate his mind’s wanderings. His life’s experiences are woven into the personalities of his images.

Not-Wolf-Productions gets its name from Bob’s companion dog, Howi, who is frequently mistaken for a wolf. Howi is actually a Native American Indian Dog (NAID) and has absolutely no wolf in ‘em.

Bob's work is a collection of very detailed black & white pen & ink drawings all made using a .25mm Rapidograph. Everything is inked entirely by hand, utilizing a wide variety of themes ranging from nature, animals, and scenery to machinery, musical instruments, and vehicles to space, science fiction, and fantasy..

Often, he incorporate pictures, words, symbols, equations, and anything else he can think of into his drawings to add depth, and texture, and to engage the viewer on a long-term basis.  The idea is to keep you looking and always finding something new.

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Bob lives in Round Hill, Virginia with his family and trusted partner, Howi. He is an avid Sci-fi reader and enjoys fishing and swimming.

Howi loves the fact that he is so fierce looking, being the gentle, sensitive guy that he is. He lives the good life and enjoys fetching and chasing wildlife.

If you have any questions or would just like to comment, please feel free to email Bob at For the latest news, come visit us on your favorite social media.
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